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HYPONIC 極致低敏 扁柏犬用洗耳水 *專利配方

No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner (For All Dogs) *Patented



The world’s first and only surfactant-free ear cleaner



Free of surfactants, sulfates, propylene glycol, alcohol, artificial flavors.

Cypress water content of 48%, so that pets can prevent the breeding of germs and ticks when cleaning their ears, and help the ears and ear canals clean and healthy.


  • 不含表面活性劑
  • 絕不含有害化學物質
  • 內含 48% 扁柏精華
  • 完成敏感度皮膚測試
  • 完成防黴測試
  • 完成抗菌測試
  • 完成耳臭消除測試


  • Free of surfacetants

  • Free if harmful chemicals

  • 48% Chamaecyparis Obtuse

  • Completed hypoallergenic skin test

  • Completed anti-mold test

  • Completed anti-bacterial test

  • Completed ear smell elimination test



The ear of animals cannot be rinsed out







我們的測試報告說明,當清洗液中含有25%以上的扁柏提取物時,清洗狀況最有效。 48%的混合物具有最安全,最有益的抗菌和消炎特性。


柏樹提取物具有天然的抗細菌和抗炎成分。 效力是純淨水的50倍。


  • FID 認證 100% 完全公開一切內含成份

  • 德國皮膚科醫生協會 最高級認可產品

  • 美國 EGW Hazard 成份評分 (Score 1)


Pet’s ears are extremely sensitive to harmful ingredients and it is impossible to rinse ear cleaners our with water. Because of this, it has been HYPONIC’s top priority to create an ear cleaner using only natural ingredients.

Throughout our study, we focused on finding natural ingredients to replace surfactants without compromising cleaning capabilities.


Our studies have shown that cleaning solution are most effective when containing over 25% Cypress extract. A 48% mixture presents the safest and the most beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Cypress extract has natural anti-bactacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It has a value 50 times that of pure water.


  • 100% natural cleaning agents

  • Free of harmful chemicals

  • All ingredients are graded by EWG as safe for use on your pets’ skin.

HYPONIC 極致低敏扁柏犬用洗耳水 No Sting Hinoki Cypress Ear Cleaner (For All Dogs)

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