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A four-legged friend is the best pet friend in the world. We should give them a better life with the best environment. Aim Plus will keep as a pet accessories distributor, to bring high quality products to South-Asia.

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Ownat Pet Food

At OWNAT we have, like you, a real passion for pets and we are convinced that natural food is the basis for their health. That is why we prepare our recipes with natural ingredients and with real fresh meats, with all its nutritional content intact.

We strive to prepare our recipes with quality natural ingredients, carefully selected and with emphasis on the proximity of their place of origin. Compound recipes are always made with fresh meats and fish, which provide protein with a higher biological value. All of these are manufactured in a respectful way, so as to retain most of their original nutrients.

Made in Spain

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Myfamily hk distributor
myfamily hk
MyFamily (Pet ID Tags, Collars and Leashes)

Why are My Family products the best in the world? Because they are based on the idea that as well as being useful, every tag must also be beautiful, precious and personalised. In other words: unique. This idea led to many different ranges and hundreds of different tags, depicting the main breeds of cats and dogs and many other shapes. All perfect down to the smallest detail, hand enamelled and ready to be personalised. My Family tags can be worn not only by pets, but also by people. They can also be attached to schoolbags, backpacks or jackets, used as zip pulls or key rings. 

Made in Italy

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TuMeKe Friend hk distributor

Your pet’s earned a taste of New Zealand

Tu Meke (“Too-meh-keh”) is a Ma¯ori phrase we use here in New Zealand when a friend does something awesome. So when your pet does an epic trick and deserves a treat, what do you say? Tu Meke!

Epic tricks and plenty of fun are an essential part of life for your playful four-legged friends. If you feed them well and keep them active, they’ll love you forever!

Make In New Zealand

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TuMeke Friend HK
TuMeke Friend Snacks HK
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HYPONIC - Healthy Life Solution

The brand that all began with a beloved number of family.

HYPONIC’s beginnings, stem from research conducted for a dog suffering from skin disease due to side effects of prolonged use of chemical shampoos. We promise to bring you the safest, most trusted brand to your beloved furry loved one.

Ingredients are keys! Shampoo is easily absorbed through the pet’s skin.




Mad Farmers 梅德農夫


梅德農夫 Petfarm Project 正式起航,帶你走遍世界各地

​Petfarm Project

第1站:印度阿育吠陀的冒險之旅 - 奇蹟的古法草本泥

​第2站:韓國忠州貓咪農場冒險之旅 - 給貓咪舒緩緊張情緒的貓草產品

探索世界農場 給毛孩尋找最天然的產品



LIQ hk distributor
LIQ 寵物營養補充飲品

The Innovative And Interactive Way To Treat Your Pet

Low calorie, liquid treats developed to improve the lives of pets inside and out.

LIQ HK 寵物營養飲品

Transform treating into a bonding moment with pets while delivering functional ingredients to help them thrive.

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Bama pet hk distributor
bama pet

Bama Pet is the last line born from the wide range offered by Bama.

Devoted to the world of pet, it has the same imprinting of the other lines and it shares their innovation and dynamism, with an attention more to its recipients.

As a matter of fact  we also orient the production according to the direct experience on the field; we study our 4 legged friends requirements to answer to the need of each of them in a personalised and particular way.

Made in Italy

Bama Pet Hong Kong
Bama hk tour box
Bama hk pet toys
Bama HK dog house
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