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TuMeke Friend Air-Dried Cat Food Venison, Salmon & Chicken 400g

鹿肉三文魚雞肉超級食物風乾貓糧 400g

Nutra Rich Superfood Diet



Your cat will purr their heart out for this blend of lean venison, Omega-rich salmon, chicken and green lip mussel. It supports healthy skin and coat, improved digestion and joint mobility. Also decreases food allergies.

您的貓會為這種由瘦鹿肉、富含歐米茄的三文魚、雞肉和綠唇貽貝混合而成的食物而發出咕嚕聲。它支持健康的皮膚和皮毛,改善消化和關節活動能力。 還可以減少食物過敏。


Ingredients: Venison, Chicken, Lamb Tripe, Chicken Liver, Mackerel, Salmon, Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Green Lipped Mussel, Natural Flavouring, Vitamins & Minerals (Di Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Organic Iron, Zine Oxide, Vitamin E, B3, B1, Copper Sulphate, Selenium, Vitamin A, Manganous Oxide, Vitamin B5, D3, B2, B6, Biotin, Calcium lodate, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid), Kelp Brewer’s Yeast, Salt, Dried Chicory, Natural Antioxidant.

成份:鹿肉、雞肉、羊肚、雞肝、鯖魚、鮭魚、亞麻籽油、椰子油、綠唇貽貝、天然食用香料、維生素和礦物質(磷酸二鉀、碳酸鈣、氯化膽鹼、牛磺酸、有機鐵、氧化鋅 、維生素 E、B3、B1、硫酸銅、硒、維生素 A、氧化錳、維生素 B5、D3、B2、B6、生物素、碘酸鈣、維生素 B12、葉酸)、海帶啤酒酵母、鹽、幹菊苣、天然 抗氧化。

TuMeke Friend 鹿肉三文魚雞肉超級食物風乾貓糧 400g

SKU: TMF3284
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